Thursday, August 21, 2008

Next-Generation P2P To Change The World

Those who have already used P2P file sharing software regularly are probably already aware that technology is moving far faster than the business models of large content providers. While the Viacoms of the world are going after the YouTubes, they're completely unaware that the war has already been decided. Next generation P2P software promises to give websites with budgets of tens of dollars the ability to compete with YouTube, Viacom and every other broadcaster.

If you want to see the proof, then go visit the SwarmPlayer trial page. It is a project of the P2P-Next consortium, which recently recieved €19 million in government/corporate funding. While presently only a research proof of concept, SwarmPlayer supports both live broadcast streaming as well as video on demand. Once perfected this technology will radically democratize content distrobution.

If YouTube is giving Viacom a headache, then SwarmPlayer is the red laser dot hovering on its forehead. The trigger has yet to be pulled.


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